Collages II (2014)
Here are some of my latest collages, all made in 2014. For more you can check my Tumblr or Instagram. Cheers!   instagram
T-mo - Character Developement
Character development I did for T-mobile. For some reason the character got never used, but that doesn't mean I had a lot of fun with it ;).   Client: T - Mobile Agent: Shop Around
Pictoplasma Compendium
Stoked to be in Pictoplasma's latest Compendium ~ 'Character Portraits' You can purchase this 5 pound character bible with artist from allover via the following link. >>>
GOOD COMPANY - Exhibition
Next week at the 2nd of May I'll be showing a selection of new collages and drawings at my Exhibition 'in GOOD COMPANY'. Hope to see you there!
The Doodle Project
For 'The Doodle Project' I've made a couple of frames. You can check out the video and get more info on the project here.   Vimeo
Next week I'll be presenting myself as single artist on STROKE Art Fair in Berlin. Hope to see you there! Thursday-Saturday...
Globe Troetels - Plus Supermarkt
Illustrations I made for 'Globe Troetels' sales promotion campaign for Dutch supermarket chain Plus.   Client: Doom & Dickson Agent:
Circle Show - Urban Spree
Two pieces I made for The Circle Show. The show's extended until August the 9th 2013. You can stil check out the originals among 45 other pieces by different Berlin artists, at the Urban...
The Circle Show
I'm participating in a group show called The Circle Show at the Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin, the vernissage/party is this...
Hello! I'll be attending the Voodoo Market tomorrow, hope to see you there 〮   VOODOO MARKET Nº10 - 9th of March...