Pictoplasma Compendium
Stoked to be in Pictoplasma's latest Compendium ~ 'Character Portraits' You can purchase this 5 pound character bible with artist from allover via the following link. >>> http://shop.pictoplasma.com/product/character-portraits/
Circle Show - Urban Spree
Two pieces I made for The Circle Show. The show's extended until August the 9th 2013. You can stil check out the originals among 45 other pieces by different Berlin artists, at the Urban...
Ongoing series of superhero muscle drawings 💪🏽
D is done
All drawings in this set are handmade inkdrawings on old paper and book covers, made between 2010 and 2011.   Click image to slide
BLOOOM - Art Fair
Together with a group of fellow artists from my agency Shop Around I'll be attending the BLOOOM art show...
Electric Paint
The city of Rotterdam asked me to paint 2 electrical substations, so I did. Both substations are located in Charlois, south of the river.  
Popjugend - Exhibition
Painted satellite dish for Popjugend exhibition at Galerie Majke Husstege, 's Hertogenbosch june 2010