Various Projects
Selection of projects I've worked on over the past years. You can find more detailed information on some of the projects below.
T-mo - Character Developement
Character development I did for T-mobile. For some reason the character got never used, but that doesn't mean I had a lot of fun with it ;).   Client: T - Mobile Agent: Shop Around
The Doodle Project
For 'The Doodle Project' I've made a couple of frames. You can check out the video and get more info on the project here.   Vimeo
Globe Troetels - Plus Supermarkt
Illustrations I made for 'Globe Troetels' sales promotion campaign for Dutch supermarket chain Plus.   Client: Doom & Dickson Agent:
Gouwplein [project]
Project where I've translated elements from children's drawings to my own work. The illustrations are integrated in photographs of interiors and exteriors, situated behind a fence surrounding a playground. Each kid got the assignment to make a drawing about what they thought...
Mykea Design
Design made for Mykea. The decal could be tranferred on various pieces of 'Ikea' furniture.   Click image to enlarge  
Selecion of character designs I've made over the years for various clients and animation projects.
Isala Ziekenhuis - Children's Website
Designs I made for the children's website uitdokteren.   Client: Combat Agency: Shop Around Year: 2009