Plakastrophe (Poster Designs)
Two posters I made for 'La Grande Plakastrophe', an initiative by Giraffentoast. The posters were displayed during the G20 Summit in Hamburg a couple of months ago.
GLOOM Collages (2017)
Here's a selection of collages I made for my latest exhibition 'GLOOM'. Apart from partial or total darkness, gloom can also be defined as a state of melancholy or depression. With this in mind I created several handmade collages which were displayed during the 48 Stunden Festival Neukölln...
Bardo Collages (2017)
Collages I've created for the Bardo Group Exhibition ( All collages are still available, please contact me at if you're interested, thanks. There are also prints availble of...
Crazy (Cover Art)
Stoked to have this collage on Indian Askin's latest single 'Crazy'. It's also available as this limited edition 7" white vinyl // Crazy/Drinkin Time   Original...
Collages (2016)
Here's a selection of collages I made last year. Though I've created many more, I'll post some of them seperately. In the meantime you can follow my recent activities here, here and here. Also...
Ravijn (Book Cover)
Recently received this signed copy of 'Ravijn', a novel by Jasper van Buren and with my collage on the cover.   Design by Shop Around.
Turbine Blue (Cover Art)
Check out my artwork on Seekae's latest single 'Turbine Blue'. You can listen or purchase via >>>
Art Week Modernity (Poster Design)
Collage I created for 'Modernity', an event at Haubentaucher during the Art Week in Berlin. I've customized the collage a bit for use on the internet. Text by Shoxxx.
Edging - Group Exhibition
EDGING ~ The art of collage on the brink of climaxing. A group show I participated in last August. The exhibition was curated by Dirk Naguschewski and played with the term 'edging' which is about prolonging pleasure before...
Orientation (Poster Design)
Visual I created for this year's Orientation Festival at Klunkerkranich Berlin. The festival was all about authentic music - food and culture from North Africa to Middle East. Scroll down for the original...