Lights off, socks on!
September 12th 2017

The world is an absurd and extraordinarily silly place, with everyone taking themselves very seriously.

From this point of view, I'll take you to a world of my own, where logic mixes with illogic and where quirky characters find themselves in often meaningless and absurd situations.

For the whole month of October, I will take over Gallery PremArts and show a variety of handmade collages I've created over the years. As nothing in life is certain, this may result in a number of exhibitions which will give our futile existence a little bit more meaning.



★ The first exhibition will start on October 5th from 19:00 ∙ Connect via the link below.




5 - 30 October 2017

Oppelner Strasse 34

Kreuzberg ∙ Berlin



Tue - Sat

14h - 20h



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